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Keto While Travelling: Stay in Ketosis On The Go

The keto diet requires diligent meal planning, which is why keto while travelling is tough. Any meal consumed on this diet must contain a good amount of healthy fats, moderate protein, and low carbohydrates. But, some people are not able to adequately follow this diet due to a number of reasons. One reason for this is that to be successful on the keto diet, many kinds of foods have to be restricted. Generally, foods like starchy vegetables, grains, sweets, some sweeteners and sweetened drinks are not eaten on keto. It can be difficult for some people to give up foods they still enjoy eating.

However, avoiding these foods can help put the body in the metabolic state of ketosis. In this state, the body can burn fat for energy. Most of the time, as the body burns fat, an individual experiences weight loss. This is one of the reasons why the keto diet is trendy. Another reason why people may not follow the keto diet entirely is that weight loss experienced initially may slow down. The reason for this is that the body is yet to adjust fully to this new diet. As such, when water weight is lost at first, it may take longer to lose more weight.

One of the biggest challenges keto dieters face is staying in ketosis while traveling. Some think that it is impossible to adhere to the diet while traveling. They assume that the good options available on the journey may tempt some keto dieters. It may also be challenging to find keto-friendly foods in certain places, making it difficult to stick with the diet. This article discusses several tips that can help keto dieters remain in ketosis even while traveling long distances.

Tips To Stay In Ketosis While Travelling

Before going on a journey, proper preparation is required. If an individual is on the keto diet, this preparation is very necessary. Specific arrangement with regard to the type and quality of foods consumed must be carefully made. The following tips can help in preparation.

Find a suitable hotel: It is true that there are several hotels one can choose to spend a vacation. With some of these hotels, however, it may not be possible to find keto meals. But there are still some hotels that may offer several breakfast options that can be eaten on keto. For example, if a hotel provides eggs and bacon for breakfast, it should be on the list of hotels to spend a holiday. Some hotels may have refrigerators, a small kitchen, or even a full kitchen. This is an excellent choice because the traveler only has to shop for fresh foods that are keto-friendly. With this option, a traveler on the keto diet can prepare meals conveniently while staying at a hotel.

Buffet and Local restaurants are a great choice: Besides looking up hotels, it is also essential to search for buffet restaurants around the location an individual plans to travel to or visit. This is because many buffet restaurants have so many options that fit the keto diet. A salad, grilled chicken, and even avocado can be gotten from such restaurants. Some local restaurants may also offer keto-friendly meals to travelers. Keep in mind that the menu offered by these restaurants should tally with the requirements of the keto diet. It is also important to ensure that a variety of keto-friendly foods is consumed instead of sticking to just one type of food. Different restaurants may not necessarily have the same menu. It is left for the traveler to search for restaurants and make healthy choices.

Come with keto-friendly snacks and powders: This is another great option to consider while preparing to travel. This method is even more sustainable than eating snacks prepared in a restaurant that may not be very healthy. It is best to carry non-perishable snacks if the planned trip may extend for a long time. Snacks like nuts are great because they are shelf-stable, and only a small serving can promote fullness. Keto-friendly beef jerky can also be included since they are high in fat, making them a great option for keto. Carrying along keto-friendly powders is also of importance. Electrolytes may be lost and must be replaced for proper body function. These powders can help replace lost electrolytes. Not forgetting exogenous ketones, and you have a powerful combo.

Flexibility matters a lot: Can the rules be a bit flexible while on keto? While on vacation, the simple answer is – yes. Having one or two cheat days to consume a little amount of carbohydrates may be alright. Traveling while on keto, however, does not mean that the goal of the keto diet should be forgotten. In fact, one health expert and clinical nutritionist suggests that the body should not be in ketosis indefinitely. Keto cycling can be used to achieve metabolic flexibility and can still help with weight loss. With keto cycling, it is also possible to prevent any adverse effects associated with long term dieting. While there is limited research to support this, it is still a good idea for travelers on keto.

Try intermittent fasting: If a trip will last for a long time, intermittent fasting can be helpful. Intermittent fasting involves alternating cycles of fasting and eating. Combining intermittent fasting with a low-carb diet can help promote ketone production. But how does this work? A low-carb meal can be consumed as breakfast, and a period of fasting is observed while on the road until dinner time. Pairing these diets can even help one achieve ketosis faster as well as promote weight loss. It is also a great option when a traveler has a limited food supply and is packed with a lot of health benefits. Decreased inflammation, bad cholesterol, and blood pressure are just a few added benefits.

Make good use of coffee: Consuming coffee while traveling is also keto-friendly. The caffeine in coffee can provide energy and reduce the need to consume food during the journey. The type of coffee consumed on keto should be keto-friendly. This means that coffee brands with added sugar should be avoided as much as possible. It would be alright to bring along keto coffee, one that has healthy fat mixed with it while on a journey. A traveler can also choose to make keto coffee while traveling. In this case, it will be necessary to pack some healthy butter, coconut oil, or medium-chain triglyceride oil (MCT oil) before traveling. Since it is relatively easy to make keto coffee, it should definitely be included when making travel plans.

Conclusion– Keto While Travelling

Traveling to a new location for a period of time does not mean that one should let go of a healthy eating plan like the keto diet. The aim of any keto dieter should be to adopt an organic keto-friendly lifestyle that is easy to maintain. Several preparation tips can help one make this keto-friendly lifestyle easier while traveling. From choosing the hotel to packing healthy snacks, an individual can still stay in ketosis on a journey.

Other points, including trying intermittent fasting and including one or two cheat days may also prove helpful when traveling. Although it may require sacrificing time to plan, it is important to maintain a healthy diet no matter the place. It is much healthier to maintain keto while travelling if you follow some of the principles outlined above.

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