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Is Arrowroot Keto?

Have you ever wondered ” is arrowroot keto?” Arrowroot is a popular thickener used as a substitute for cornstarch. The arrowroot powder is extracted from the arrowroot plant, hence its name. Although used as a replacement for cornstarch, the macronutrients it contains are actually similar to what is seen in cornstarch. The major difference between both, however, lies in the method by which starch is extracted. In extracting the arrowroot powder, there is usually no need for chemicals or very high heat. This method of extraction makes arrowroot powder a healthier option compared to cornstarch.

Arrowroot powder is also used for baking. Its usefulness lies in its ability to lighten the texture of baked goods and to make them less dense. Since cornstarch is relatively high in carbs, it is necessary to avoid it on keto. The same can be said for arrowroot powder but some authors argue that arrowroot may still be included on keto depending on the way it is used in such a diet. This article will focus on the macronutrients in arrowroot powder, how it can be included on keto and possible healthier alternatives that may be used to achieve similar results.

How Many Carbs Are in Arrowroot Powder?

The net carbs in 100 grams of arrowroot are 85.8 grams while in just one tablespoon, there are 7.1 grams of carbohydrates. From the values obtained, it is clear that compared with cornstarch, the number of carbohydrates per serving is very similar. Since only a small amount of arrowroot powder is required to add to a meal, many persons have accepted its inclusion on keto.

The recommended carbs per day required to remain in ketosis are between 20 to 50 grams per day. It is true that with just two tablespoons of arrowroot powder, the carb limit available for the day is greatly reduced. Thus, adding arrowroot powder to meals can ultimately lead to high carb intake and push one out of ketosis. It is important to point out, however, that arrowroot powder is highly absorbent, and only a small amount is required to add to any meal.

Other Health Benefits of Arrowroot Useful in Keto

One component of arrowroot powder that may contribute to its usefulness on the keto diet is fiber. Since most foods that contain fiber are usually high in terms of carb count, some choose to ignore foods that contain fiber on keto. Indeed, It is necessary to avoid foods that are high in carbs and low in fat on keto, however, a little fiber will not in any way harm the body. In fact, the consumption of fiber has been linked to achieving a feeling of fullness.

Thus, adding a small amount of arrowroot on a low-carb diet can help curb hunger cravings. While arrowroot can be used on keto, its high carb content can be a major factor that determines its use on keto. Individuals who are uncomfortable with the carb content of arrowroot powder may use other substitutes in its place. These alternatives are healthier and they perform similar functions as arrowroot when added to a meal.

Healthier Alternatives to Arrowroot on Keto

Several substitutes for arrowroot powder are available. They can be used to replace most of the uses of arrowroot in a meal including its use as a binder, thickening agent and as flour.

almond flour

  1. Almond flour: Most individuals who use flour on keto make use of almond flour. It is made from finely ground-blanched almonds and is versatile. Although this flour has more calories because it is made from nuts that are rich in fat, this does not affect its effectiveness on keto. The fat contained in almond flour is healthy and like arrowroot, they promote a feeling of fullness. This means that a little almond flour goes a long way when included on a low carb diet. Another advantage of almond flour is that it has a low glycemic index. This means that the consumption of almond flour will not cause a spike in insulin levels. Also, almond flour has a low carb count (only 3 to 4 grams per serving) making it suitable on keto.
  2. Xanthan Gum: One of the uses of arrowroot powder is to thicken food but a better option is xanthan gum. One of the main properties of this “gum” is that it can reduce the rate of gastric emptying and this has several benefits for those on keto. For example, because of the slow emptying, xanthan gum does not cause a rise in blood sugar levels. It has also been implicated in weight loss for the same reason described above. Although made by fermentation of sugar by bacteria, xanthan gum does not contain any carbs which is why it is used on a low carb diet to thicken, bind or as an emulsifier.
  3. Coconut Flour: This flour is another alternative for arrowroot powder when baking. Some have even considered coconut flour a better choice over almond flour because it is nut-free. What makes this flour a suitable replacement for arrowroot? On the one hand, it contains fewer carbs compared to arrowroot making it a healthier option. On the other hand, it is also low in calories but like arrowroot, it contains fibers. The fibers in coconut flour contribute to weight loss by preventing overeating. Again, it has a low glycemic index and so helps keep blood glucose and insulin levels balanced.
  4. Psyllium Husk: The fiber-rich psyllium husk powder can also be used to replace arrowroot on keto as a binder. When psyllium husk powder is added to meals, it acts by increasing fullness and prevents overeating. While it is true that the carbohydrate in psyllium husk is relatively high, this does not mean it cannot be used on keto. The most important thing to remember is that the net carb count in this arrowroot alternative is usually low. This makes it suitable for use on a low carb diet. Also, the use of psyllium husk powder has also been associated with maintaining a healthy gut.
  5. Pecan flour: Made from ground pecans, pecan flour is rich in fats, low in carbs but has high fiber content. Research shows that this fiber-rich flour can promote a reduction in blood glucose levels as well as decrease the levels of bad cholesterol in the body. Thus it serves as a good replacement for arrowroot powder that is high in carbs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can arrowroot powder be used as a thickener in keto recipes?

While arrowroot powder can be used as a thickener in recipes, it is not considered keto-friendly due to its high carbohydrate content. It’s best to use keto-friendly alternatives, such as xanthan gum or guar gum, for thickening purposes in keto recipes.

How can I substitute arrowroot powder in keto baking without sacrificing taste or texture?

To substitute arrowroot powder in keto baking, consider using keto-friendly alternatives such as almond flour, coconut flour, or psyllium husk. These alternatives offer a similar texture and taste without the high carb content of arrowroot powder.

Is arrowroot a good source of fiber for people following the keto diet?

Arrowroot does contain some fiber, but its high carbohydrate content makes it unsuitable for the keto diet. It’s best to seek fiber from other low-carb sources, such as leafy greens, avocados, nuts, and seeds.

Can incorporating arrowroot powder in my keto diet negatively impact ketosis?
Yes, incorporating arrowroot powder in your keto diet can negatively impact ketosis due to its high carbohydrate content. Consuming too many carbs can cause your body to exit ketosis, making it essential to choose low-carb alternatives when following a keto diet.

What are the best low-carb alternatives to arrowroot powder for keto-friendly recipes?

The best low-carb alternatives to arrowroot powder for keto-friendly recipes include:

Almond flour
Coconut flour
Psyllium husk
Xanthan gum
Guar gum
Pecan flour

These alternatives offer similar functions as arrowroot powder, such as binding, thickening, or acting as flour, without the high carbohydrate content.

Are there any keto-friendly recipes that specifically use arrowroot as an ingredient?

While arrowroot is not typically used in keto-friendly recipes due to its high carb content, some individuals choose to include small amounts of arrowroot in their recipes to achieve specific textures or consistency. It is important to note that using arrowroot may increase the overall carb count of the recipe, so it’s best to use low-carb alternatives when possible.

Conclusion– Is Arrowroot Keto

Arrowroot powder has a high carb and high fiber content and has many uses today. It is popularly used as a thickener, binder, and flour in many recipes because of its versatility. Is arrowroot keto-friendly? Many individuals have included arrowroot on keto using only small amounts in meal preparation. Some others think that since it is high in carbs, it should not have a place on the keto diet. Instead of using arrowroot and face the risk of stopping ketosis, it is best to make use of healthier keto-friendly alternatives to achieve similar results. These alternatives include coconut flour, almond flour, psyllium husk, Xanthan gum, and pecan flour. The net carb in these substitutes is relatively low and they do not lead to raised blood glucose and insulin levels. They also promote fullness, reduce food craving, and weight loss.

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